Discovery Grant

This research asks – how does genetic diversity influence population demography? To advance this goal, we study plant populations and their genetic systems Reproductive processes are highly labile in plants and have immediate evolutionary and demographic effects. Read more.

Crop-wild Hybridization

The role of hybridization in adaptive evolution has long been debated. My work was the first to experimentally manipulate hybridization rates and reveal the significant contribution of hybridization to adaptive evolution. This research has important implications for the release of engineered crops and their ecological implications. Read more.

Consequences of Global Change for Plant Mating Systems

Mating systems organize genetic diversity within and between populations. Human activity has the potential to change the way plants mate. We have made a series of discoveries that tell a cautionary tale about the response of plant populations to anthropogenic change. Read More.

Rethinking Horticultural Practices in a Modern World (+CRD)

Urban environments present new agricultural problems that require new evidence-based solutions. Read more.

Gender-diverse teams produce higher quality science

We presented the first empirical evidence to support the hypothesis that a gender-diverse problem-solving team will outperform a team comprised of highly performing individuals of the same gender. Read more.

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